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Wednesday 3rd October is the date, the Latest Music Bar, 14-17 Manchester Street, Brighton is the location and the occasion is the chance to see artist Stanley Donwood and Lucasfilm legend Julian Glover in an intimate chat with Wayne Imms. Tickets are £16.00, doors open at 7.30pm for an 8.00pm start and it’s sure to be a fascinating night.

Julian Glover CBE is an actor familiar to many, at least partly due to his roles in various popular films and television shows. They include the first Star Wars sequel, an Indiana Jones epic, a James Bond adventure and a phenomenally successful medieval fantasy TV series.

The Olivier Award-winning veteran actor has appeared in a vast amount of productions. He is most known for playing villainous characters, such as in INDIANA JONES AND THE LAST CRUSADE, THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK, as General Veers, and FOR YOUR EYES ONLY, as well as the classic Tom Baker DOCTOR WHO story CITY OF DEATH. In recent years, he appeared in GAME OF THRONES as Grand Maester Pycelle. Julian also appeared in the acclaimed Richard Attenborough film CRY FREEDOM.