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It’s worth remembering that pretty much the whole world will be celebrating the release of the final Skywalker Saga episode – The Rise of Skywalker– in December, and that includes Japan (where the film is known as Dawn of Skywalker), a country that embraced Star Wars from the very beginning.

Visit and enjoy a Marunouchi Bright Christmas at the Gyoko-dori Underground Gallery which began on 7th November and runs right through to 25th December.

Many people visit Marunouchi during Christmas The whole town will be full of various events and shimmering illuminations “Surprising”, “Colorful”, “Fun”, “Peaceful” … A space that everyone can take delight in

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker released in Dec, 2019 42 years since the SAGA launch, Star Wars has offered precious time and experience through various forms such as films, events, goods, and so on. Join us and have precious time with Star Wars this Christmas. It’s going to be the most unique Christmas event that you have ever experienced.