ToyTales has a look back at their favourite Star Wars toys and associated merchandise from the 1970s and 80s in their latest blog piece.  They even picked out one of my favourite pieces that I have in my collection, the Random House produced, The Star Wars Storybook!

This was the wonderfully adapted children’s book of the film published by Random House. It was loaded with photos, perfect reference material for those drawings of Han Solo, and Chewbacca you were saving your crayons for! They crammed the story into a brief but descriptive short amount of pages, which young readers pored over.

Who else had a Star Wars t-shirt made with an Iron on transfer ?

The smell of walking into a t-shirt shop back in the late 70s was like no other. Picking out the perfect Star Wars iron-on transfer, picking your favourite colour t-shirt, and 15 minutes later you had the only thing you’d wear until it literally fell off your body. The whole experience was one of the best you could have during childhood.

Take the link below to find out the rest of the choices they made.  Do you agree with their selections, let your voice be heard in the comments below; and if you are a fan of all things vintage – make sure to come along to Farthest From the vintage toy show which this year includes for the first time Fantha Day – December 8th and 9th in Fordingbridge.