TRU drop £200 off the Luke Skywalker Landspeeder

Toys R Us have dropped a whopping £200 off the price of the Luke Skywalker Landspeeder – the amazing ride on speeder for kids, and small enough adults!!!

How amazing would this have been to have as a kid!

Kids can pretend they are speeding across the planet of Tatooine just like Luke Skywalker with this 12V Landspeeder ride-on, based on a fictional anti-gravity craft used in the Star Wars movies. Perfect for little Star Wars fans, this awesome Landspeeder is modelled after the sand-pocked and sun-faded X-34 craft from Star Wars: A New Hope, featuring realistic and true to movie details such as replica repulsor vents and turbine engines.

The Landspeeder can seat up to two riders and features an interactive dashboard with lights and real movie sounds so your little Luke or Leia will feel just like they are on an immersive galactic adventure. Choose real movie sounds effects like engine start up/shut down sounds, flying sounds, C-3PO’s voice, R2-D2 noises or Luke Skywalker phrases and use the gear shift to switch between 2mph forward, 5mph forward, or 2mph reverse.

This unique and exciting driving experience allows kids to travel up to 5mph and features forward and reverse functions. Transform your garden or park into a faraway galaxy, cruise across the plains of Tatooine and recreate favourite movie moments on a solo mission or with a friend with this realistic battery powered Landspeeder ride-on. Complete with rechargeable 12V battery and charger.

12V Landspeeder ride-on, based on a fictional anti-gravity craft used in the Star Wars movies
Film-accurate X-34 design and detailing from Star Wars: A New Hope
Seats up to two riders
Interactive dashboard with lights and real movie sounds
Includes dialogue from C-3PO, R2-D2 and Luke Skywalker
Features forward speed with choice of 2mph or 5mph and reverse functions of 2mph
Includes rechargeable 12V battery and charger
Maximum weight: 13.6kg

In the interests of your safety and the safety of others, we must ensure that you fully understand the recommended guidelines for these products.

Vehicle not to be used on public highways (roads/pavements)
Vehicle must be used on private property with owner’s consent
Appropriate protective equipment to be worn at all times
Children must be supervised by an adult at all times
It is essential for your child’s safety and optimum performance of the product that you fully read and follow all instructions before use. This includes information on the charging of the battery.

In the interests of you and your child’s safety, by purchasing this product you confirm that you have read and understood this advice.


Approx. Charge Time: 12 hours
Approx. Ride Time: 1 hours
Max Speed: 5mph
Volt: 12V
Sounds: Yes
Horn: No
Working Headlights: No
Accelerator Operation: Pedal operated
Gears: 2 forward, 1 reverse
Dimensions: 160 (l) x 101 (w) x 57 (h) cm
Battery Description: 12V rechargeable and charger (included). Always follow the charging instructions included in the box.
Colour: Copper

If you want to speed about your neighbourhood like Luke Skywalker, click on the source link below to get a speeder of your very own!