Building on the success of SW40 SW40 December 2017, is SW41 – bringing back everything we loved about the first show and adding some additional treats. Our review of last year’s event can be found here.

You can follow the event over at Facebook SW41 and tickets for the day are available by clicking here.

One of the new things for this show will be guest Q&A sessions, hosted by members of the Fantha Tracks team. In order to whet your appetite we’ll be profiling the guests over the coming weeks, and if you fancy getting an answer to that question you’ve always wanted to ask but were too afraid to, or simply can’t be there, send them in and we’ll ask them on your behalf. Send your questions to and we’ll do our best to get them answered.

So without further ado, our first three guest profiles take us right the way back to 1977 and the original trilogy.

Trevor Butterfield – Empire & Jedi

Trevor is a British actor who played several different roles in the Star Wars movies. He played an Imperial Officer and a Stormtrooper in Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back, and Bossk (filling in for Alan Harris), Lieutenant Blount, a Stormtrooper, Calamari Warrior, and Giran in Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi. Since Star Wars, he has since pursued a career in visual effects.

Paul Markham – Return of The Jedi

Paul Markham’s moment of Star Wars fame was in Return Of The Jedi where he appeared as an Imperial Officer in the landing bay scene, when Darth Vader marched on deck.

He subsequently appeared in The Shooting Party with James Mason in 1983 as a beater, Superman in 1985 and Tim Burton’s Batman. Other notable appearances were in Young Sherlock Holmes, Robin Hood Prince of Thieves, Elizabeth and Shakespeare In Love, The King’s Speech, and no less than three Lucasfilm productions: Labyrinth, Willow and Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade.

Peter Roy – A New Hope & Return of The Jedi

Peter has spent his entire life in entertainment and is immensely rich in stories covering all aspects from Music Hall to film. He appeared as a Rebel Engineer in Star Wars – A New Hope and as Major Olander Brit in Return of the Jedi. He has also appeared in numerous Bond films including: Skyfall, Quantum of Solace, Casino Royale, Tomorrow Never Dies, Goldeneye, The Living Daylights, A View to a Kill, Octopussy, Never Say Never Again, For Your Eyes Only, The Spy Who Loved Me, You Only Live Twice, Die Another Day and Thunderball as 006. He has also worked on the Harry Potter films, Superman I, II, III and IV and the first three films of the Indiana Jones saga, as well as appearances encompassing some of TV’s most enjoyable comedy, sci-fi and drama classics which include eighteen episodes of Dr Who, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and Blakes 7.

Don’t forget to stay tuned for more profiles in the coming weeks, and send your questions in to