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Fantha Tracks are expanding their coverage of all things Star Wars literature, from comics, to books to magazines and we are looking to add people to our team to review each and every new Star Wars literature product as it’s released.

Maybe you pick up the Marvel comics, or the IDW range. Are the Del Rey novels your thing, or do you prefer Egmont and Disney Lucasfilm Press. Perhaps you read a mix of products and want to contribute reviews for a range of literature, or maybe you just focus on one line. We’re looking for a group of enthusiastic people from all around the world, keen to provide their thoughts on the latest releases and excited by Star Wars literature so we can cover it all.

You can contribute one review per month for a specific comic series, or one a quarter for each new book release, or even one a day if you really want to pile into the wealth of Star Wars publications that are currently out there. How much time you give us is entirely up to you.

We don’t require you to have any writing experience, or any experience of posting to websites. We are happy to offer you guidance, templates, advice and training.  What we do require is a love of Star Wars, bags of enthusiasm, and a love of the franchises literary offerings.

If you are interested in becoming part of our new review team, complete the form below and submit it to our Literature Editor, Brian Cameron.

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