The Los Angeles Empire Con is heading to the LAX Marriott on 6th – 8th December 2019 and joining the show is a much loved actress from Star Wars Rebels.

Empire Con is thrilled to announce voice actor Vanessa Marshall!

Her voice has been features as a plethora of character in the Star Wars gaming franchise. In “Star Wars: KOTOR II” her voice can be heard as Master Lonna Vash, Terlyn, Iziz Citizen, Mercenary, Settler, Telosian and a TSF Lieutenant as well as in “Star Wars: The Old Republic” as Master Bela Kiwiiks, Alauni, Chaney Barrow, Daizanna, Ensign Rosha,Kayla Perlis, Komi, Master Injay, Master Sumalee, Voss Pilgrim, and Yana-Ton. She has played dozens of other roles in prominent gaming titles over the last twenty years!

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