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This past weekend saw the first running of The Los Angeles Empire Con and content from the event will be hitting Fantha Tracks TV and radio this week and it was announced that the show will return 11th – 13th December 2020 at the LAX Marriott.

Fantha Tracks will once again be there to cover the show, and event organiser Jason Joiner posted this message to thank the team and fans for supporting the first show and announce the second, arriving in the 40th anniversary year of The Empire Strikes Back.

Thank you to everyone that made Empire Con possible and supported us this weekend. We wanted to bring this event to fellow fans and collectors of Star Wars films in the US. Our goal was to come together and enjoy a time back in the day when we were children, when we were naive, innocent, and maybe even when it was a more civilized time.

Remembering our past, the amazing people that helped to make these films, and the special moments that we all cherish is what this weekend was about, and we are so pleased that we could share this with you all. We will be back in LA on the 11th to 13th of Dec 2020 for Empire Con II, and we hope to see many of you again! If you enjoyed your weekend with us, please share this page with other fans so that we can grow this event together and give our fans an amazing, dedicated, Star Wars event to attend each year.

Thank you, and May the Force with with you.

Jason Joiner