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Great news for those going to the after party as the dark lords Darth Elvis and the Imperials are playing a full on rockin’ set.

The Corn Exchange in Edinburgh on 3rd – 4th February is the venue of Capital Sci Fi Con and there will be Fantha Trackers in attendance for the show, reporting back all the happenings and goings on.

We are really excited to announce that returning to Capital Sci fi Con’s Aftershow Party on the 3rd February is….
Darth Elvis and the Imperials!!!!!!!
Can we get a HOT DANG!!!!
If you saw them at last year’s Aftershow party they absolutely smashed their set on stage with tracks like Ackbar(Gaybar), That’s alright Jabba(That’s alright Mama) and I want Chewbacca(I want you back).
If you’ve never seen them, Your in for a treat!
The band are a Star Wars themed Elvis, Rock n Roll parody group.
They take well known songs and twist them up in to classic comedic master pieces…

So be ready to welcome the biggest hunk of funk in the Galaxy at the Edinburgh Corn Exchange.

Tickets are on sale for limited time: www.capitalscificon.co.uk