One of the things I love about Star Wars Celebration is the fact I get to shop at Her Universe! So I was delighted to see Her Universe had their own booth, and it was in a prime location in front of the Star Wars Show Live stage.  I managed to get there Saturday morning first thing, and was impressed that there was still a lot of stock in a range of sizes. One of things after the previous Celebrations in London and Orlando was that Her Universe was in the Celebration Store, so not only was there little stock, but the queues were bonkers unless you had a lightning pass.

Having seen the Sisters Of The Force range released online pre-show, I knew exactly what I was getting. However, as always, I bought more than anticipated (No shock there to be honest!)

The staff at the booth were awesome and very, very patient. The first purchase I made was the one I had my eye on since the photos – the Leia Cape.

It was a lot heavier than I thought it would be but that was even better as I will be wearing this with a light chiffon dress to a friends birthday and a works party at Christmas. The feels I get from this was everything I wanted –  that nod to General Leia and Star Wars for those fans, yet I know I will be able to wear this and people will not know it’s Star Wars. It ticks all those boxes for me!

The first of the unexpected purchases were the Rebel ballet pumps, they were absolutely beautiful. The right colour of tan and so everyday wearable! I chose a UK 7/US 9 and they fit perfectly. I look forward to the weather getting warmer and the crop trousers on and the pumps on!

The final purchase was the Sisters of the Force T-shirt. To be honest, in my head I was buying this, however I just wanted to check the sizing. I am a UK 12/14 so this time I went medium, whereas in the past I have bought large. I didn’t want to lose the shape which has happened in the past (probably due to my poor washing more than anything!) The T-shirt is fab. I’m sorry to see that Enfys Nest is not on the T-shirt. but that is a minor niggle. It fits perfectly and looks great with a pair of jeans.

I would love to be able to order from Her Universe direct and have it shipped to the UK and Europe. I do keep my eye on ThinkGeek, but I have been whacked with massive taxes each time. Until then there’s no better excuse to keep going to Star Wars Celebration to shop at my favourite Star Wars shop! The whole experience was fantastic and I walked away from the store a happy camper. For me, Ashley and her team’s dedication to detail and love of Star Wars is clear and their enthusiasm is second to none. She was a delight to meet and even though she was busy, when I asked she took the time to say hi and we even got a photo together on the ride at the Galaxy’s Edge exhibit. If she makes it across the pond I hope we get the chance to meet up and just talk Star Wars and Disney for a bit longer next time.