A fan made look at an upgraded B-wing for the sequel trilogy

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With just one more big screen epic set in the sequel trilogy era to go in the form of Episode IX in December there’s not much time to see what new or reimagined vehicles will be lightspeeding their way onto the screen.

Star Wars fan and designer EC Henry looked at the sequel films so far, with reimagined TIE Fighters, Star Destroyers, X-wings and A-wings already introduced and decided to have a crack at one of the few remaining hero ships not yet tackled – the B-wing.

The B-wing Mark 2 is a canon ship, but we’ve never seen an official design in any Star Wars media. That’s why I decided to design it myself!

Check out the previous video showing a Resistance Y-wing.

Bandai Hobby Star Wars B-Wing Starfighter "Star Wars" 1/72
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