Adrian Edmondson, Vyvyan from ‘The Young Ones,’ IS in The Last Jedi!

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One of the early The Last Jedi rumours was that UK comedian Adrian Edmondson would be playing a part in the film, something the actor laughed off at the time.

However, director Rian Johnson has confirmed that he does indeed make a cameo, as a First Order Officer – something exciting for Johnson who was a huge fan of Edmondosn’s The Young Ones comedy.

Johnson told the Press Association: “We shot in London, we shot at Pinewood Studios, and we were very lucky in doing that just because the talent pool in London in terms of actors is amazing.

“We would have extraordinary actors who were there on set to deliver one line, like ‘they’re coming’ but everyone was so happy to be in a Star Wars movie, it was a blast.”

Johnson said he was particularly excited to bring The Young Ones star Adrian Edmondson on to the set.

He said: “Because I’m a huge fan of The Young Ones and Bottom we had Adrian Edmondson play a part as a First Order Officer and I was kind of geeking out about that, but all of the talent that we had was just extraordinary.”