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Lucasfilm Porg Creature Artist’s Maquette Up For Charity Auction

Lucasfilm have offered a unique auction prize for the Tipping Point Emergency Relief Fund, a creature artists maquette of a Porg!

It was almost Finn and Poe who did the mission to Canto Bight

The mission to Canto Bight in The Last Jedi could have been very different indeed.

Rian Johnson, Rey and the mirror cave: Done with mirrors

The mirror cave scene is looked at as Rian Johnson discusses the film in a recent Q&A.

Rian Johnson discusses the influence of the Prequels on The Last Jedi

The Star Wars Prequel Appreciation Society look at the recent Rian Johnson Q&A which raised prequel relevant questions.

Edith Bowman discusses her emotional chat with Rian Johnson about John Williams

Former BBC Radio One DJ, Edith Bowman, has chatted with The List about her weekly podcast, Soundtracking. She discussed her chat with The Last Jedi's Rian Johnson and recalled an emotional moment where Johnson recounted a meeting in John William's house.

Collider.com Interview Rian Johnson at IMAX HQ

Collider.coom have held an in-depth interview with The Last Jedi's director, Rian Johnson.

The backstory of Rey in The Last Jedi could have been very different

Rey's history could have been very different according to director Rian Johnson.

John Williams conducts The Last Jedi

John Williams conducts the opening blast to the soundtrack of The Last Jedi.

Slashfilm and Rian Johnson: More details from the /Filmcast interview

Slashfilm recently interviewed Rian Johnson on their /Filmcast podcast, and they covered a lot of ground.

Rian Johnson discusses his original pitch to Kathleen Kennedy on The / Filmcast

Rian Johnson discusses his The Last Jedi pitch on The / Filmcast.

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