Blues Harvest feat. David W Collins: ‘Solo’ (Hey Joe)

To celebrate the birthday of special guest David Collins – happy birthday Dave! – here’s Blues Harvest live at last year’s Star Wars Celebration Chicago at the 501st bash with David joining them on ‘Solo’, their version of the Jimi Hendrix classic Hey Joe.

Today we’re celebrating the birthday of one of our honorary band members, Mr David Collins. Dave is a man of many talents, and we always love to share the stage with him. This clip was filmed at Star Wars Celebration Chicago last year when he joined us on stage for a facemelting jam. So turn your speakers up to 11 and enjoy Blues Harvest feat. David W Collins!

Remember, Blues Harvest’s live album Made In Space is out now, and you can hear the guys chat about the album on the next episode of Desert Planet Discs this coming Thursday.

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