The Phantom Menace star, Brian Blessed is currently our tour in the UK, and living and loving life as much as ever aged 82.

“I don’t like pigeon-holing and the years on your birth certificate are not some kind of rule which says you must do this at that age or feel that way when you are of another age.

“It just tells you that you have gone from being a young fool to being a middle-aged fool to being an older fool, that’s it.

“If you live by age boundaries you will give up and die before you are ready. I have another birthday very soon [he’s 83 on October 9]but I don’t care.

“I am touring theatres with my An Evening With Brian Blessed show and I have more film and TV work, so I am enjoying today and looking forward to tomorrow

“I feel not much different than I did when I was 20. I do two hours of weights and cycling each day. I train, not because of vanity, but because of the expeditions I still want to do, such as climbing the five great mountains of northern Russia.”

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