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The first Fanboys took a while to come to the screen, with its own now battles and challenges quite apart from the onscreen mission to enter Skywalker Ranch and see The Phantom Menace before it’s released. Now, over a decade after the first Fanboys, Adam F. Goldberg has tweeted this regarding a second film which will be based around stealing a copy of the infamous Snyder Cut of Justice League.

As the thread develops Goldberg says it was a joke, ‘but it’s a good idea!‘ We can but hope. For fans of the prequel era and as one of the Star Wars related projects that kept us going during the post-prequel years (when the thought of episodes 7, 8 and 9 were just a pipedream), Fanboys was a much-loved love letter to the saga.

So, what would Kyle Newman and his team bring to a sequel? Could he get that stellar cast together again? Will I finally get the cameo I’ve always dreamed of? Let’s hope that at least some of these questions will be answered.

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