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There are only now a matter of months before the US launch of Disney+ and NASDAQ take a look at the avenues the House of Mouse will likely take to entice viewers to the platform….apart from brand new, live action Star Wars, Marvel and Disney TV shows and films.

Disney’s upcoming streaming service, Disney+, is likely to cost lower than Netflix NFLX , which recently hiked its subscription prices in the range of 13% to 18% for U.S. customers.

Moreover, Hulu recently cut the price of its basic ad-supported plan by $2 to $5.99/month, making it the most affordable streaming service in the U.S. market. However, Hulu hiked the price of its live TV offering by $5 to $44.99/month while its ad-free version remains unchanged at $11.99/month.

Notably, Disney, which currently holds 30% stake in Hulu, is entitled to another 30% stake after acquiring Fox. Comcast CMCSA owns 30% stake in Hulu and AT & T the remaining 10%.