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Over at Wired, Emma Thompson – yes, the one from Footlights College – has been talking about her new film Late Night and during the chat, a surprising fact was revealed – Emma wanted to be cast in the new Star Wars series, but was rebuffed.

At one point Thompson’s agent inquired about the actress getting a part in the current Star Wars saga, but they were rebuffed. “I actually really like Star Wars,” Thompson says in the latest WIRED Autocomplete Interview, but “I’m not in Star Wars because they don’t want me to be in Star Wars.” (To anyone at Lucasfilm reading this: C’mon! You hire so many Brits! Why not Emma? The woman is a legend.)

If Thompson were cast, Mindy Kaling, her costar in the new movie Late Night, thinks she’d be a great advisor for struggling Jedi. But Thompson has another idea.

“I could be Jabba the Hutt’s handmaiden,” she jokes. “I could squeeze those frogs for him.”

We’re not sure what role she could play, but she only brought magic to Harry Potter so why not a role in the current batch of Star Wars films?

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