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Sweet – Bossk has two poses, brandishing his fearsome Relby-v10 Mortar Rifle or with a Dioxis Charge. You also get a unit card with his abilities, three command cards and three upgrade cards. So who wins? A team of freedom fighters or a scaly boy? Take a closer look at the Bossk Operative Expansion for Star Wars: Legion.

“Res luk ra’auf.”
–Bossk, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

In a galaxy stricken by increasingly brazen “rebellion,” the Galactic Empire has come to rely on the talents of a cadre of infamous bounty hunters to supplement its forces and take down high profile Rebel leaders. Among the most widely feared of these hunters is the cold-blooded Bossk.

Remorseless and brutally efficient, this reptilian warrior has carved himself a reputation equaled only by the notorious Boba Fett. His success is at least partly a result of his unique Trandoshan physiology, which allows him to heal from otherwise deadly wounds at an astonishing rate.

When Imperial military commanders have a target in mind, few can equal the raw ferocity and cunning of Bossk. Soon, you can harness the firepower and ferocity of a born hunter with the Bossk Operative Expansion for Star Wars™: Legion.

Star Wars: Imperial Assault - The Bespin Gambit Campaign
  • Journey to Cloud City with a new expansion for Imperial Assault
  • Take your spies and undercover operatives to the next level with an entirely new mini-campaign
  • New skirmish missions challenge you to adapt your strike team to changing situations
  • Iconic characters like Bossk and Lando Calrissian enter the game for the first time
  • Contains two hero figures, three Ugnaught Tinkerer figures, and six Wing Guard figures