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For those fortunate few who’ve seen Chapter 1 of The Mandalorian there’s no doubt that’s the case – the trailers that everyone has seen shows the assassin droid in action – and Taika Waititi agrees, comparing his character to the iconic Terminator.

“The droid’s name is IG-11, a lot of people presumed it was IG-88 because he looks very much the same. [It’s] IG-11 actually I’ll be very honest with you. I didn’t know the difference between any of these things.”

“He’s a sharp shooter, he’s very efficient, he’s all things that you’d expect from a droid. He’s like a Terminator, but he looks a bit more wonky looking and tall and lanky.”

“I love the idea that this droid has an amazing arc throughout the series. And I’m not going into that because I’ll get in trouble. It’s an interesting character. He becomes a very lovable character.”

Did Waititi have a choice in which character he played, or was he always going to be a droid?

“Jon [Favreau] said ‘Do you want to be this droid?’ And I went, ‘Yeah.’ I don’t really question things like that. If someone wants me to do something, I just pretty much do them.”