With the arrival of the hugely fun LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special imminent, landing on 17th November (and be sure to watch Fantha Tracks channels for further celebrations) the official site look back to the show and one of the many elements that has lived on beyond that single 1978 screening; Life Day.

Embedded into the fabric of the saga, it has become the GFFA equivalent of Thanksgiving, a day to celebrate with loved ones and here we look at just what it means and how far reaching it has become.

Life Day began as a Wookiee holiday centered around the Kashyyyk Tree of Life, but can be celebrated by any species in any location. Princess Leia Organa once spoke of Life Day as a reminder that we’re all in the same struggle against the powers of evil and darkness.

Family, joy, and harmony are all among the values and tenets of Wookiee culture that are embraced on Life Day. It’s a time to share the hopes of celebrating freedom and peace, no matter how different we may all appear. People enjoying Life Day traditionally mark this holiday with festive décor, music, activities, and the serving of unique and special food items.

Life Day became such a well-known holiday around the galaxy that everyone from bounty hunters to their targets was familiar with its focus on family togetherness. In Chapter 1 of The Mandalorian, a Mythrol told Din Djarin of his wish to be free for Life Day to reunite with his family, as he (unsuccessfully) tried to find a way out of the bounty hunter’s hands on the Razor Crest.

Adventurer, historian, and travel guide Eloc Throno spoke about the festive decor that could be seen throughout Batuu at the close of Life Day every year in his guidebook, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge: Traveler’s Guide to Batuu. Throno described how residents gathered around the Black Spire (at the outpost for which it’s named) to sing songs and spread good cheer to one another as a part of their celebration.

We’ll be reviewing the LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special here on the site soon.

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