One can only imagine the emotions and thoughts going through the mind of Mark Hamill when he stepped back onto the set of the Millennium Falcon for key scenes in next months The Last Jedi. Talking to SFX (via Female First) he walked through some of those thoughts.

The 66-year-old ‘Star Wars’ legend starred as Luke Skywalker in the original sci-fi trilogy and is reprising his role again for the eighth instalment of the franchise but admitted he got emotional when he had to enter the iconic spaceship, which belonged to the late Han Solo – played by Harrison Ford.

He said: “I walked onto the Millennium Falcon set and I was just overwhelmed with emotion. Everything was exactly the way it was – it even smelled the same way.

“When I sat in the cockpit it was like visiting a childhood home that you thought had been torn down. It just unlocked something in my brain. I got goosebumps. My family was with me and I said ‘guys, I have to be alone here for a second.'”