Maul’s Journey in Star Wars: The Clone Wars in Under Five Minutes

The ‘Star Wars Kids‘ channel is back with another five minute guide to The Clone Wars, this time focussing on Maul’s journey.

An agile and deadly warrior trained in the dark side, Maul is formidable foe for any who dare cross him. Once a Sith Lord dubbed Darth Maul, he studied beneath Darth Sidious until his defeat at the hands of Obi-Wan Kenobi. But Maul survived his injuries; he was found by his brother Savage Opress and rose again, eventually coming to rule Mandalore. His hatred for Kenobi remains, and his thirst for power and revenge knows no limits. Learn about Maul and his journey through Star Wars: The Clone Wars and then get ready for new episodes in the series’ final season, available on Disney+ starting February 21, 2020.