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Star Wars: The Clone Wars returns, this time on Disney+, on February 21st.  That means you have very little time to marathon the entire run so far.

However, D23.com have come to your help to pick some of the best episodes – with the help of the cast of the show!

The Deserter (Season 2, Episode 10)

Dee Bradley Baker (Captain Rex):
“I can’t choose just one, but let me choose just one. I really love the episode of The Deserter, where Rex meets Cut Lawquane, who is a clone with a family. Rex is still pretty by-the-numbers, and he’s resistant to the idea of a clone walking away from his military engagement to start a family on his own—and this was when Cut’s whole company died and so he just walked away. Rex sees there may be a different way of viewing what is happening to the clones—and it also loosens up his by-the-book attitude about things. A little improv doesn’t hurt! I think that continues to play out as The Clones Wars plays out. That was an important episode for Rex and what makes the clones interesting.”


The Mortis Arc (Season 3, Episodes 15-17)

Matt Lanter (Anakin Skywalker)
“I always go back to the Mortis Trilogy—it was so different from anything we’ve ever done! It was so cerebral. Almost at risk of being too cerebral. It stood out to me because there’s a lot of heavy character work for Anakin. Also, performance-wise, we got to dig a little deeper than we typically did, and it revealed a lot. It really went into the Force and the mythos behind Star Wars, so that arc always stands out to me. “

To find out what other episodes they picked, as well as the picks of Ashley Eckstein – take the link to D23.com.