Rian Johnson Interested In Sequels To ‘Knives Out’

Star Wars: The Last Jedi director, Rian Johnson has spoken with Sy-Fi Wire about the possibility of sequels to his upcoming Knives Out movie, and he has ambitions to follow the Agatha Christie mold…

“I had so much fun with this, and I had so much fun with Daniel, if I can make another mystery with the same character, and do what Agatha Christie did and do a new cast and a new setting and make a few of these,” the director said.

Johnson compared the film with his previous directorial Star Wars: The Last Jedi, saying, “It’s weird, you would think a big production like Star Wars would be a different thing; end of the day, you’re working with a camera, a couple of actors trying to make a scene work, it’s really a similar thing.” “(With) The Last Jedi, obviously, you’re making a ‘Star Wars’ movie, so you’re aiming for a lot of different things, but it felt as personal to me as any of the other movies I’ve made,” he added.