So why are we sharing the John Lewis & Partners + Waitrose & Partners Bohemian Rhapsody advert?

While right now it’s probably the most popular advert on UK TV, and for good reason, the ad is fantastic, and the kids play all their own instruments, why would I be posting the John Lewis & Partners + Waitrose & Partners Bohemian Rhapsody advert on Fantha Tracks? There’s one very good reason.

Star Wars Insider #117

Watch the advert, then check out the teacher, who is directing the kids as they perform BoRhap. The actor is Alan Ruscoe, better known to prequel era fans as Daultay Dofine, Plo Koon and Bib Fortuna in The Phantom Menace and Lott Dod in Attack of the Clones. He has also appeared in Doctor Who, in both Ninth and Tenth Doctor episodes as well as The Sarah Jane Adventures and his first film, the legendary sci-fi epic The Fifth Element.

If ever proof was needed that Star Wars is everywhere, here it is. In what is almost certainly the advert of the year, amidst the aural awesomeness of one of rock’s greatest tracks, is a Jedi, a Neimoidian and a Major Domo.

Maybe they should change the title of the song to Plo-hemian Rhapsody?