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Box office website The Numbers have updated their chart listings and the latest figures are clearly showing that while Solo: A Star Wars Story may have missed its audience at the box office, the film has found that audience on home video.

The figures show that in its first week of sales, the second standalone sold 789,549 Blu-ray units in its opening week, bringing in $18,396,492 in revenue. Compare that to The Last Jedi, which sold 1,772,048 units on week one, making $40,509,017. That means Solo sold 42% of what The Last Jedi did, while making 34% of what Episode 8 did at the box office. That shows an encouraging upturn in home video performance.

Of course, as streaming becomes the prevalent platform to consume movies at home and physical format sales begin to decline, it’s no huge surprise that numbers drop. That said, it’s a positive beginning for Solo sales on home video.

DVD figures are yet to arrive and we’ll bring them to you when they do.