Article written by Andrew Fearnside.

As May 4th fades away a lot of deals are still active for a few more days. One such deal which fell under the radar is the Star Wars movies on iTunes where each of the Star Wars movies, including Solo and Rogue One are on offer at £4.99 each.

Alternatively you can buy the complete 9 film Skywalker Saga box set for £39.99. However If you prefer the George Lucas era films, the 6 film box set is £29.94 which is half its original price.

Not part of the May 4th deal but come down in price are The Clone Wars and Rebels seasons. Most of The Clone Wars seasons were upwards of £21 each, but now seasons 1 to 6 are £4.99 each. Rebels seasons 1- 4 are also £4.99 each, except season 2 which was split into two parts so it’s actually £9.98.

Of course most Star Wars fans subscribe to Disney Plus for The Mandalorian and these are available to stream at no extra cos, which could be a reason for the price drop but you can never own too much Star Wars!

There’s no stated end date for the deal so get them while they’re cheap.

Also of note is the Robot Chicken trilogy. Separately they are £3.99 each but you can buy the box set for £9.99. Check out the Apple TV or iTunes app for all the details.