Star Wars Holiday Special Trailer – in the style of The Force Awakens

Now if this doesn’t get your day off to a good start, then we don’t know what will. A new Star Wars Holiday Special trailer, done in the style of that iconic first The Force Awakens trailer, edited by Fantha Tracker Andy Lyth.

The music, the words, the font, the sheer disco of it all…drink it in.

Andy Lyth has been a Star Wars fan all his life and loves to share his fandom with like-minded people. This passion led to the creation of his band Blues Harvest who formed to perform their first show at the Star Wars Fan Fun Day in 2013. Since then Blues Harvest have had the fortune of performing shows across the UK and further afield, including #CANTINA, Disneyland Paris, Star Wars Celebration Chicago and more. As well as drumming with his band, Andy is also a stage host at conventions across the UK, he's a puppeteer in Pop-up Puppet Cinema, Willrow Hood runner, graphic designer, video editor, sound editor, event organiser and Fantha Tracker.