Star Wars Resistance: Bucket’s List: “No Place Safe”

How does Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge tie-in to this week’s episode? Watch and learn!

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Bucket’s List extra gives more insight into the episode.

The First Order TIE bomber makes its on-screen debut in “No Safe Place,” and in memorable fashion. But the ship’s look has its own story. “It was designed specifically for this episode,” says series art director Amy Beth Christenson. Christenson notes that the ship takes visual cues, such as double pods, from the original Imperial TIE bomber. It differs from its Imperial cousin, however, in wing configuration. “The original TIE bomber had wings similar to the TIE Advanced, but the Interceptor-inspired wings give the First Order TIE bomber a more aggressive feel. The wing angles are also reversed. Both of these changes helped the bomber to have a more unique silhouette from the front and the top, to distinguish it from the other TIE ships,” Christenson says.