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Despite most of these characters being under the ownership of Disney, Warner Brothers seems to have pulled off the impossible, giving us the chance to see Marvel vs DC onscreen via Funko. And to make the things even cooler, they’ll put Star Wars characters in there as well.
Writer Daniel Richtman hopes to repeat the success of The LEGO Movie, and will include several darling characters in this, such as Darth Vader, Deadpool, Hellboy, Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman, Hello Kitty, the Care Bears, and My Little Pony.
SlashFilm have already confirmed that the movie will happen, and it’s already releasing the creative juices. Imagine, Deadpool vs. Darth Vader and other crazy ideas.

Although nothing confirmed about the story, we also have an image of the screenwriter indicating that the project is for this year.


Stay tuned for more news.

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