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Official summary: The Mandalorian rejoins old allies for a new mission.


The Razor Crest is still in a bad shape and before we even see it limping in space we are treated with a familiar audio cue: that of the Millennium Falcon’s hyperdrive breaking down.

Food and drinks: As a play on the instant-meme of the Child drinking his broth soup, we get a repeat of this, but this time the Mandalorian can be seen drinking as well. To be able to do he flips the front part of his helmet up, a feature seen before with the scout trooper helmet. After space waffles (as seen in The Clone WarsRebels and Resistance) Dave Filoni introduces us now to space macaroons (actual name pending).

The Mandalorian covert is now a den used by Aqualish thieves, until they are getting some frontier justice from Cara Dune who is now a marshal on Nevarro. The creature the Aqualish wanted to eat is a Lava meerkat as first identified in the Databank on StarWars.com and seen much clearer now in proper light rather than their lava tunnel appearance in Chapter 8.

Returning aliens: Jawa, Kyuzo, Melbu, Mimbanese, Mythrol and the unnamed Solo-species of Silvasu Fi.

The green with dark yellow style of clothing of the human mechanic on Nevarro brings to mind the same kind of clothing in the same color scheme as the mechanic Dellso Prin from The Rise Of Skywalker.

Right before you see the Mandalorian, the Child, Greef Karga and Cara Dune entering the school you can spot a statue dedicated to IG-11 on the plaza where in season 1 the attack of Moff Gideon took place.

Inside the school is a female protocol droid teaching about the five major trade routes in the galaxy. They are: Corellian Run (originally from Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game, Second Edition), Hydian Way (originally from Star Wars Adventure Journal), Corellian Trade Spine (first appearance: Zorba the Hutt’s Revenge), Perlemian Trade Route (also originally from Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game, Second Edition) and the Rimma Trade Route (The Essential Guide to Planets & Moons). Dialogue and music makes it difficult to hear the latter three. It then proceed to talk about the various regions of the galaxy that are just as old and from pretty much the same sources as the trade routes: Outer Rim, Core Worlds, Mid Rim, the Expansion Region, the Inner Rim, the Colonies, the Core and the Deep Core.

The droid also mentions that Coruscant used to be the capital of the Old Republic and that Chandrila is the current capital. This has been established in the new canon ever since the first Aftermath novel while the planet first appeared in the Legends novel The Truce at Bakura. The Akkadese Maelstrom and Kessel are from Solo. Kessel having three moons is new.

It is explained that the, sadly still nameless, Mythrol from Chapter 1 was an accountant for Greef Karga until he disappeared after some ‘creative accounting’. This was the reason why he had a bounty on him. As an aquatic species living on a lava planet, he also wears a humidity vest.

A flange cutter is a new kind of tool used for light plumbing and such. The code cylinder that has been around since A New Hope is rarely seen outside the uniform to be used for what it was intended. It happens in this episode, and we remember at least one such appearance when Kallus opened a prison door in the Rebels episode Through Imperial Eyes (Season 3, Episode 17).

Time for another round in Fantha Tracks Blue Milk Drinking Game! Dank farrik is said once again, this time by Cara Dune.

The Imperial base is new, and so are a couple of the named soldiers in the ranks of Moff Gideon’s army: TK-147 (stormtrooper 1 in the subtitles), 5387 and 5389. The repulsorvehicle is identified as a Trexler Marauder, which is new and resembles the K79-S80 Imperial Troop Transport. Also it seems that Moff Gideon’s TIE is not the only one with the collapsible wings. Moff Gideon uses what appears to be an Arquitens-class command cruiser which first appeared in Rebels, making it yet again a ship from an animated series that makes the jump to live-action.

The Mythrol pokes fun at the missing guard rails in Imperial design, but later when we do see a stormtrooper standing behind one. However it does not matter as the stormtrooper gets shot by the Mandalorian and still drops into the lava below.

The big reveal is that the Imperial base is actually a lab for Dr Pershing who returns from season 1. Apparently he is adding blood with a high level M-count to various test subjects, but so far with not much result. The M is standing here for Midi-chlorian and this means that he is using the blood of the Child to create those Death trooper-like soldiers seen at the end, but augmented with the ability to use the Force. Death troopers always did receive augmentations to make them better, faster, stronger beyond their normal above average stormtrooper levels. This is not entirely new as we had of course the experiments into the Force from Darth Plagueis, and in Legends we had a couple of others. Maybe the most successful are those experiments seen in the games Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy. In them Galak Fyyar worked with the Dark Jedi Desann to create the Reborn and the Shadowtroopers. Both the Reborn and Shadowtroopers started out as humans without the Force who through some manipulation of a Force Nexus (a place strong in the Force) received the ability to use the Force. The Shadowtroopers even received an Artusian crystal to enhance their abilities even further. Considering that George Lucas always wanted to explore the Midi-chlorians in his sequel movies, it is possible that he shared some of his ideas with Dave Filoni, who now uses that knowledge for a more realistic view of augmenting non-Force sensitives with the Force.

Also there was again some Aurebesh to translate:

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