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If that headline is true then Lucasfilm may have just opened up their new series – debuting on Disney Plus in just two days – to a huge audience. Jon Favreau believes it is the case, comparing it to the film that kicked off the franchise 42 years ago.

“It’s an invitation into [‘Star Wars’] in a very pure way. It’s the first time since ‘Episode IV’ where it’s inviting people into a whole new cast of characters that doesn’t require any prerequisite understanding of the world.”

Looking into the backstory of The Mandalorian, Favreau compared it to a key moment in world history – our world that is  – the fall of the Roman Empire.

“What would really happen with a strong, tyrannical central government disappearing? At first it’s wonderful, because it’s freedom. But then sometimes freedom gets sloppy. Like after the fall of the Roman Empire, a lot of the world descended into darker times. So it was interesting to explore what the ‘Star Wars’ version of that would be.”

We’ll see the results of their work when The Mandalorian debuts on 11th November.