The Mandalorian: You Spilled My Drink!

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It’s day two of a galaxy where The Mandalorian (for some at least) is in existence, and here’s a clip from the opening episode – called Chapter 1 – where the Mandalorian (should we be calling him Dyn Jarren yet?) enters a bar on a frosty planet.

Star Wars AT-ST Raider - The Mandalorian 3.75 scale - Vintage Collection
  • At-st Raider: refurbished for service, the modified AT-ST Walker bears the distinctive war-paint of the klatooinian Raiders of sorgan
  • Disney plus series-inspired design: fans and collectors can imagine scenes from the Star Wars Galaxy with this premium AT-ST Raider vehicle, inspired by the the Mandalorian live-action TV series on Disney plus
  • Iconic Star Wars vehicle: This AT-ST Raider toy is inspired by the vehicles in the Mandalorian and makes a great gift for Star Wars collectors and fans ages 4 and up
  • Premium design: with realistic detail including an opening cockpit, articulated legs, adjustable laser cannons and side-mounted weapons pods, and movable command Viewpoint blast shields, the AT-ST Raider toy can be displayed in Star Wars action Figure and vehicle collections
  • Collectible toys: look for other Star Wars 3.75-Inch scale The vintage collection figures and vehicles to collect, swap with friends, or give as gifts (each sold separately. Subject to availability.)