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My latest article at The Metro takes a look at Rey, where we find her at the start of The Last Jedi and why the events of the film are so desperately important to her and the galaxy.

With The Last Jedi just a week away, the many questions that fans have been pondering over for the last two years are close to being answered. One of the central characters to the events of the film is Rey, the scavenger from Jakku who in mere days was thrust from a life of toil and obscurity to the forefront of galactic events.

She found and lost a father figure in the form of Han Solo, and embarked on a search for the lost Jedi Luke Skywalker, while her own burgeoning powers developed exponentially. Connected with the Resistance and their leader General Organa and now stood opposite Luke Skywalker with his father’s lightsaber in her hand, she waits for his response. Where do we find Rey as we rejoin that iconic moment?