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On her ever-awesome site The Wookiee Gunner, our great pal Johnamarie Macias has compiled some superb images showing concept art from season two of Star Wars Resistance. Supervising Director and Executive Producer Justin Ridge discussed just what fans can expect from the second and sadly final season of the show.

“What I’m the most excited about for season two is that it opens up the scope of the show,” said Ridge. “Before, we were on the planet Castilon, where the Colossus was docked. It was basically the gas station in the outer reaches. But now, with our heroes on the run, they’re a moving base and they basically have to try and find safety.”

“We’re not confined to one planet. We’re now adventuring and journeying into unknown parts of the galaxy, and with that comes a lot of new things that we’ve never seen before. Possibly new characters, new locations, and it just makes for a really exciting adventure.”

As Johnamarie notes, a clip from season two shows the Colossus arriving at D’Qar after the opening moments of The Last Jedi as the Resistance have just left. Kaz and the crew believe the entire Resistance has been wiped out.

Star Wars Resistance: Season 1
  • Christopher Sean, Suzie McGrath, Josh Brener (Actors)
  • French, Spanish, English (Subtitles)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • Audience Rating: NR (Not Rated)