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Debbie Reynolds played Grace’s Mom Bobbi on the original run of the now freshly renewed Will & Grace. Debbie died in late 2016, and in the show Bobbi has also passed. Actress Debra Messing discussed Debbie as the new season of Will & Grace continues with a special episode that honours her airing in the States tomorrow night.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the episode brings Will, Grace, and her family together to celebrate Bobbi’s birthday and pay tribute to her. On screen, Grace and Bobbie had a contentious relationship, especially because of Bobbi’s love of being the center of attention. But after everything Messing said, in real life, it’s obvious the actors’ bond was nothing but love. At the panel, Messing gushed about what a talented performer she was — which is no surprise to anyone who’s seen any of Reynolds’ movies.

Messing said:

“Debbie was really indescribable. She would come onstage and she was a broad in the greatest sense. She always was entertaining and singing and dancing and she was running off and doing a one woman show 300 days of the year. It was just crazy.”