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Hold on to your X-Wing helmets and prepare yourself for the onslaught of merchandise linked to the new Galaxy’s Edge attraction coming to Disneyland in California next week and Disney World in Florida later this year.

Already revealed are some of the cool and unique items you’ll be able to pick up on your visit, but details of one particular item have just been announced by Movieweb that’s likely to get your head in a spin (which is kinda ironic).

For a mere $25,000 (plus tax and shipping) you can take home your very own life-sized, remote controlled R2-D2. Standing 1.09 meters tall (as some of the Fantha Tracks team know all too well!) this exclusive is not a toy, this is your own R2 unit, which is completely customizable, so you can program it to go off looking for old Jedi masters and the like. And despite the hefty price tag, it’s still a lot lower than the $2.76 million paid for an actual unit comprising parts from droids used in the original and prequel trilogies.

So if you have a spare $25k, even after paying for your Galaxy’s Edge trip, why not give an astromech a home!