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Fantasy Flight Games‘ Star Wars: Armada is a game of big ships in glorious combat, and you can’t get much bigger in power or reputation than the Chimaera, Grand Admiral Thrawn’s Star Destroyer – and the Chimaera Expansion Pack is available now for pre-order!

The Chimaera Expansion Pack give us this distinctive Imperial Star Destroyer, two Mandalorian Gauntlet squadrons, six ship cards, and seventeen other upgrades. It’s not just an extra Star Destroyer; it’s a new tactical and strategic edge for your Imperial fleet.

Grand Admiral Thrawn arrives to the battles of Star Wars™: Armada in the Chimaera Expansion Pack. Along with the chance to command your fleet with this brilliant, blue-skinned Chiss tactician, the Chimaera Expansion Pack introduces an Imperial Star Destroyer adorned with a distinctive chimaera design, two Mandalorian Gauntlet squadrons, six ship cards, and seventeen other upgrades. Altogether, these materials don’t just give your Star Destroyer a different aesthetic; they allow it to fill entirely new tactical and strategic roles within your Imperial fleet.

SOURCEFantasy Flight Games
Jonathan Hicks
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