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X-Wing Second Edition is just days away and you can be part of an X-Wing Second Edition launch party, to celebrate the latest additions to the gaming galaxy.

Take part in an X-Wing Second Edition Launch Party, and you’ll find yourself battling among the stars in no time. Three short, fast-paced events get you ready to fly, place you in the cockpit, and thrust you right into the middle of the game’s thrilling starfighter battles.

The Launch Party isn’t just a great first step because it helps you learn the game (or see what’s new in the second edition). It’s also a great first step because you’ll find yourself part of a larger community. You’ll meet other local players. You’ll win custom prizes. And you’ll set yourself on the path toward success within the game’s robust Organized Play program.

With support for events ranging from casual game nights all the way to the World ChampionshipX-Wing Organized Play is designed to help you find more people to play and more games to enjoy at whatever level you like best.