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News about the System Open Series events for X-Wing Second Edition – it’s all about to kick with the first battle in Poland on November 24th.

“Lock S-foils in attack position.”
–Garven Dreis, Star Wars: A New Hope

Time to practice your high-speed maneuvers and ready yourself for close-quarters combat… the System Open Series events for X-Wing™ Second Edition are about to take flight!

Launching into action on November 24 –25 with the battles in Gdansk, Poland, the X-Wing System Open Series consists of high-energy tournaments hosted at conventions and other large public venues around the world. These events offer you the perfect chance to revel in fast-paced starfighter battles, meet the most enthusiastic members of the X-Wing community, pursue custom prizes, and test yourself against the game’s top aces.

You’ll find top-level competition, side events perfect for new players, and a range of cool prizes at the Prize Station. Additionally, if you have any desire to see how the game is played at its very highest level, you will absolutely want to make your way to one or more of these events—because securing a Top 8 finish in a System Open will earn you an invitation to the X-Wing World Championships!