Fantasy Flight Games give us a closer look at how best to utilise the unique and devastating skills of bounty hunter Cad Bane in the Cad Bane Operative Expansion for Star Wars: Legion.

A bounty hunter who plays by his own rules in a faction dominated by vast armies of identical droids, Cad Bane certainly stands out amongst the Separatist Alliance’s other units in Star Wars™: Legion. But this uniqueness is also his strength, and today Legion expert Kyle Dornbos is here to go over the basics of adding the Cad Bane Operative Expansion to any Separatist army.

Cad Bane is a bounty hunter for hire who needs no introduction. He works in the shadows, doing the bidding of the puppet master behind the Separatist Alliance, using booby traps, tricks, gadgets, and his intellect to accomplish his objectives, all while wearing a fabulous wide brimmed hat.

In Star Wars: Legion, Cad Bane is a disruptive presence on the battlefield who often operates apart from your main force as a thorn in your opponent’s side.

Cad Bane is a mobile and flexible threat. With Jump 1SteadySharpshooter, and his Dual LL-30 Blaster Pistols, he can pop in and out of cover while picking off opposing models. While he rolls only a surging white die when defending, he does have Danger Sense 2 and can be more durable after he has taken fire. Meanwhile, his three courage keeps Cad Bane moving even when he has accumulated a couple of suppression tokens.

Star Wars Legion - Cad Bane Operative Expansion
  • A Separatist Alliance expansion for Star Wars: Legion
  • Bring Cad Bane to your Separatist armies as the faction’s first operative
  • Features a highly detailed hard plastic miniature with a wide variety of customization options
  • Adjust your strategy on the fly and augment Cad Bane’s natural abilities with his three signature command cards
  • Contains six upgrade cards inviting you to outfit Cad Bane to fit your personal strategy
SOURCEFantasy Flight Games
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