He’s finally hunted us down, so be ready for the arrival of Cad Bane by checking out this preview of the Cad Bane Operative Expansion for Star Wars: Legion.

“I make the rules now.”
—Cad Bane, Star Wars: The Clone Wars

A massive army of battle droids can accomplish many things, but some missions require a more personal touch. When the Separatist Alliance needs to capture a high-value target or recover some critical data, it uses its vast resources to bring in professionals like Cad Bane.

As ruthless as he is cunning, Cad Bane makes use of an impressive arsenal of weapons and allies to ensure that he is prepared for any job. Soon, you’ll be able to hire this cold and calculating bounty hunter to join your Separatist forces with the Cad Bane Operative Expansion for Star Wars™: Legion!

Within this expansion, you’ll find a beautifully detailed, unpainted hard plastic Cad Bane miniature that can be customized to fit your personal style. Not only can you assemble Cad Bane with or without his signature hat, you can also choose whether he appears with both his LL-30 blaster pistols or with a single pistol and his free hand activating his gauntlet control panel.

Just as you can how customize how Cad Bane appears in your army, you can also tailor how he operates in battle to fit your personal style. Already well equipped, Cad Bane’s three command cards give him additional tricks to pull and the six upgrade cards in this expansion give you even more ways to customize his loadout.

Star Wars Legion - Cad Bane Operative Expansion
  • A Separatist Alliance expansion for Star Wars: Legion
  • Bring Cad Bane to your Separatist armies as the faction’s first operative
  • Features a highly detailed hard plastic miniature with a wide variety of customization options
  • Adjust your strategy on the fly and augment Cad Bane’s natural abilities with his three signature command cards
  • Contains six upgrade cards inviting you to outfit Cad Bane to fit your personal strategy
SOURCEFantasy Flight Games
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