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The Rebel Pathfinders Unit Expansion for Star Wars: Legion is heading our way via Fantasy Flight Games, giving us the chance to infiltrate the Empire on secret missions.

“Make ten men feel like a hundred.”
–Cassian Andor, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

The odds are stacked against the Rebel Alliance in almost every confrontation with the Empire, but especially so for the Rebel’s special forces units. Often operating deep behind enemy lines, these elite operatives are accustomed to facing the full weight of the Imperial war machine without the support of a larger army. The Rebel Pathfinders show a particular dedication to the cause of the Rebellion, often volunteering for the most dangerous missions.

Making extensive use of guerrilla tactics to infiltrate and liberate key areas, the spies, saboteurs, and assassins that make up these units draw on their vast experience to get the job done with little thought of the obstacles that may stand in their way. Soon, you’ll have some of the Rebellion’s best soldiers at your command with the Rebel Pathfinders Unit Expansion for Star Wars™: Legion.

Within this expansion, you’ll find six unique, highly detailed miniatures. Four Rebel Pathfinders armed with A-300 blaster rifles are ready to do anything to keep the dream of the Rebellion alive, while Bistan and Pao are roaring into battle, ready to add some extra firepower with their heavy weapons. Adaptable and ready for anything, your Pathfinders can be further customized with eight upgrade cards that give you new options for how they attack, move across the battlefield, and more. Join us today as we take a look at everything included in the Rebel Pathfinders Unit Expansion!

Fantasy Flight Games FFG Rebel Pathfinders Unit Expansion, Multicolor
  • A unit Expansion for Star Wars: Legion
  • Infiltrate enemy lines and set up devastating ambushes with a Squad of Elite Rebel Pathfinders
  • An assortment of PA cards gives your Rebel Pathfinders additional options in combat and introduces heavy weapons miniatures who can lead the squad
  • Contains six unpainted, easily assembled Rebel Pathfinder miniatures with all the cards and tokens you need to add them to your armies
  • Toy