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The Season Four Attack Run Kit is almost here for X-Wing Organised Play, bringing us a new angle on this popular event from Fantasy Flight Games.

“Luke, you switched off your targeting computer. What’s wrong?”
–Yavin Base controller, Star Wars: A New Hope

Time to switch off your old expectations. With the 2018 Season Four Attack Run Kit, we enter a whole new era of X-Wing™ Organized Play!

The first seasonal kit designed specifically for the second edition of X-Wing, the Season Four Attack Run Kit comes with enough materials to support twelve weekly events or three, larger monthly events—plus a new “challenge” award that ties into the season’s special challenge, which you’ll find outlined in the X-Wing squad builder.

The result? You gain more chances to play. More prizes to win. More freedom to pursue different variants—or refine your mastery of your favorite squadrons. In short, you get more X-Wing, and more X-Wing is better!