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PC Gamer give us some details regarding the latest Star Wars Battlefront 2‘s update.

Electronic Arts has detailed what’s new in the latest patch for Star Wars Battlefront II.

While the prior patch addressed “critical gameplay and user interface issues”, 1.03 heralds a new End of Round MVP screen that will focus on scores and not “specific honors” in a bid to diversify the number of names listed on the MVP summary.

“We have also focused on doing a pass on collision and traversal issues on Jakku, Kashyyyk, and Endor as well as tweaks to the combat areas on Tatooine, Endor, and Hoth for certain game modes,” said community manager Mr_Taver on the official forum. “This means that movement are now more fluent and no weird or invisible barriers are stopping your movement.”

A full list of 30+ fixes can be found at the forum. While most are small tweaks and fixes concerning textures and environments, you will now find that Boba Fett can no longer capture objectives “while hovering high above the objective”, players will no longer be able to start a round if the “pre-round requirements” are not met, and the time required to “complete interact objectives” has been reduced.

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