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I don’t play Star Wars: Battlefront II very often. Actually, only when my nephew plays it. He owns a copy for his X-Box, I don’t. However, even I know that Star Wars Battlefront II hasn’t even reached its potential. EA are always coming out with updates to the maps, characters, missions, etc. There are no fan-made DNC’s yet, but it would be cool if they could include some fan-favorite characters or gameplay changes. Until this happens, here’s the first list of characters I would really love to see on my (or my nephew’s) big screen….

  • The Mandalorian: When the first picture of The Mandalorian hit the Internet, I kinda knew this type of thing would have to be immortalized in action figure form and in video game form. He looks like a badass, he’s got multiple weapons and you can probably play him with our without the helmet (with Pedro Pascal’s face). We don’t know his backstory, what he sounds like yet or even what the plot of the streaming show is yet.
  • Doctor Aphra: As a comic book character, Doctor Aphra is my favorite. She has no ethics and a low moral threshold, able to work for Darth Vader and going on archeological missions. The closest I’ve seen Aphra in Battlefront II is to design Leia to look more like Aphra—doesn’t count though. I would love to see an actual character skin with her goggles, jacket and even electro-tattoos. She could have weaponry like anybody else in the Star Wars universe, but maybe give her something different, like the ability to mess with droids for her own benefit.
  • SpaceBalls: The Video Game: Wouldn’t it be great, for an April fool’s joke on Battlefront II’s part, to replace a bunch of characters from Star Wars with their counterparts from Mel Brook’s SpaceBalls? I’m primarily obsessing over a digital version of John Candy’s Barf the Mog (part man, part dog, he’s his own best friend)! His tail could wag, his ears move, you can perfectly see his costume, all in the digital format of Battlefront II. Laden with quotes from the movie, Barf could still kill Stormtroopers with his blasters (but only armed with what the characters have in the movie, though). It would be even more hilarious to replace Darth Vader with the diminutive Lord Helmet, complete with THE SHWARTZ – and a lightsaber-type ring! Lone Starr would of course have a blaster and his Schwartz ring. Perhaps Jabba’s Palace can be replaced with Pizza the Hutt’s palace. Even confronting the tasty crime lord. Win Spacebucks! Get all the merchandising!
  • The Many Faces of Darth Vader: For its last arc, its last issue even, the Darth Vader comic had this great Force Vision. It showed the soul of Vader, all pencil-scribbly with red, and his limbs (cut off in real life) were these white appendages. He even had dual lightsabers from his hands. Imagine seeing that on your Battlefront II screens? The Infinities Return of the Jedi comic had a light-side Vader in white, presumably with a blue lightsaber. Hell, just take it a step further (to the dark side) and give Vader a shield like he has the cover of the upcoming Dark Visions The character could throw that shield with the Force and have it take down several rebels, Captain America style.
  • C-3PX: I’m going super-old school for this one. This droid was in 3PO and R2’s cartoon Star Wars Droids as a killer droid. The Expanded Universe would later have him owned by Darth Maul himself, along with other murderous masters. You can tell him apart physically from C-3PO because of the giant “X” on his head. C-3PX has lots of guns, and really, I just want to see him shoot rebels (and maybe Stormtroopers if the price is right). Maybe even use Anthony Daniels’ voice but with a sarcastic and evil side. He has lots of hidden weapons, and most pictures I’ve seen of him usually shows him firing a big blaster and a rocket launcher on his back.
Michael Davis
Michael F. Davis became obsessed with Star Wars after repeated viewings of The Empire Strikes Back on VHS and a 1983 viewing of Return of the Jedi in movie theaters. He also saw all the Special Editions in the theater, bought all the Shadows of the Empire tie-ins, and even took a bus trip to Maine to see The Phantom Menace. He is currently employed as a Librarian in the US but has always has his sights on a galaxy far, far, away….