A three year project is about to come to fruition as close vintage Star Wars collector friends Gary Borbridge, Matt George and Stephen Ward complete their book, titled Engineering an Empire, just in time for Celebration Chicago.

In a recent interview, to be broadcast on the next episode of The Vintage Rebellion podcast, the authors have teased some information about the book including that it is most definitely not a Star Wars collecting book.  This book, featuring high quality images of action figure prototypes, is more a biographical history from a range of different employees who worked either at or for Kenner.  Not only will you will learn about their time at Kenner, but also what their experiences were which led them to the Kroger building and what they did in their lives thereafter.

All departments which contributed to the production of the action figures is explored including those who worked in the art department, machine shop, engineering and marketing.  Featuring never before seen photos direct from former employees this book will appeal to all toy collectors, and not just Star Wars but other lines too.  At 400 high quality pages of images and text it will also appeal to anyone with a passion for art, engineering, sculpting and a whole range of manufacturing interests.

You can pre-order your copy now for a special limited time early bird price and be amongst the first to receive it in April.  Bound in a hard cover it represents fantastic value for money.  Demand is sure to be high so make sure you don’t miss out if you have any interest in the history of the toy action figure market and its importance in keeping the Star Wars brand alive.

All 3 authors are attending Celebration Chicago and the Texas fan table is the best place to catch them and flick through the copies they have there.

Photos (c) Gary Borbridge, Matt George, Stephen Ward – Engineering an Empire