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With technology developing at a rate of knots and the boundaries of what a game engine can do seemingly getting smaller and smaller, it’s only understandable that people will start asking very specific questions in regards to what future Star Wars games may allow us to do. During a recent panel discussion on how they made the X-Wing mission in Battlefront 2 more enjoyable, an audience member asked whether or not the Criterion Games developers think they might one day make X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter in VR? The answer, for now, is no, but it appears that Battlefront 2 almost had that good old fashioned joystick steering the missions within the game.

“Absolutely,” said Criterion Games’ Mark Bridges. “We found sitting in the same position created a greater resonance, so any thing that added to that was considered. At one point we tried using the controller on its side and using the six axis. But the other priority was accessibility and making it possible for for people to pick up and play this game. We assumed most people were coming from the main game and the controls had to be translated from that game, so you weren’t learning a new set of controls to play.”

So no one is saying no to anything, and the long-held hopes of older PC gamers, that we might one day see a VR version of the legendary X-Wing vs TIE Fighter may not be a million miles away.