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A new patch for Star Wars Battlefront II dropped on 30th Oct and SWTOR Strategies have the relevant information. Apparently, last week’s Another Night on Endor update caused a number of issues, and here’s what’s been addressed.

The primary fix focuses around an issue that was causing consoles to run out of memory and subsequently result in a game crash. They also have a fix for an issue that was causing servers to crash while playing Co-Op.

The guys over at DICE understand that both of these crashes were frustrating and They thank us for our patience while they worked to get a patch released.

Within the patch the DICE team also have a number of issues that have been fixed, mostly relating to Co-Op.

Release Notes:

Fixed various issues that were causing memory crashes across all platforms.
Fixed an issue that was causing a server crash when playing Co-Op.
Fixed an issue where the timer would not correctly show the “Overtime” message, when an enemy is contesting a command post on Co-Op.
Fixed an issue where a Co-Op game would end prematurely if the enemy AI is capturing a point within the last 7 seconds of a game.
Fixed an issue an issue with Co-Op matches ending with inaccurate Defeat screens.
Fixed an issue where AI would not play the objective on Kashyyyk – Instant Action.
Fixed functionality of Out-Of-Bounds areas on Ewok Hunt.

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